Camofalcon 2: the return of the pattern's revenge

Additional colour 1

Last Wednesday I finally got to sit down next to my model and I happily airbrushed a couple of wide brown (VMA 71125 USAF Brown) bands across the plane. I had not planned on the pattern in advance, as usual. This time I felt that the form-breaking worked much better than in my unpublished test version titled "let's just see how the colours play together".


Additional colour 2

My original plan was to use just a little green (VMA 71124 USAF Green) and even then on a limited amount of surface coverage. Somehow it looked odd with those small patches. The final result can be seen below. Of course the masking tape obscures everything a bit, I just didn't bother tearing them off for just one photo.



The radar (and whatever else) protecting nose cone needed to be painted with dark grey or even soviet green. After a quick search I found a pic of an Aggressor (a F-15 if my memory serves), that had a light grey nose cone and a very similar-looking pattern. With that I decided that I'd do that myself.

First of all I masked the nose cone and I also protected the nose wheel, as the front landing gear bay door had got a bit of overspray and needed to be touched up. I'd just take care of the last paintjob during one quick session.

The result looked good to me. Next I'd need to either wash the model or apply a clearcoat before proceeding to decals and other nonsense.

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