Project V/15

Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor

It's quite probable that I'll be blabbering endlessly how the TIE Interceptor is one of my favourite scifi ships ever. In the Star Wars universe it's in the hottest top with Star Destroyers, Lambda-class shuttles, Nebulon-B Frigates and the classic TIE/ln fighters.

Ancient memories

Closer to two decades ago I built a T/I model, back in the day when I was still painting with Revell enamels. It was a very nice model, I recall, even though the pilot figure the kit had looked more like Yuri Gagarin with his spacesuit and I didn't know how or dare to customize it. Therefore I didn't add the pilot to ruin my model.

The only photo I had in my archives

A pocket model

Let's cut the nonsense and get back to the modern times. This Revell kit would most likely not be as neat, but we'd find it out soon enough.

"Easykit pocket" is what the packet says and it claims that no painting or such would be needed. All I could do was laugh. The box revealed a small pair of wings, two spruefuls of prepainted pieces, two difficult-to-mask windows and a most likely pretty useless instruction sheet.

But the pilot figure, that one amazed me. It actually looked a bit like a Pilot of the Imperial Navy! I didn't check those tubes too closely, so maybe I'll end up redoing them. The chest box itself looked a bit underdone or half-done. Some light customization was waiting for me, hooray!

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