It's the time to mumble about another achieved milestone, the previous one was two years ago. Hence we can calculate the age of the 'mumblings: 5 years. I'm actually quite surprised about the fact that I've kept this thing alive and up to date (content-wise).

Five years of mumblings

The result of these last two years has been a pile of gamestuff, a car, a Mentats box, just one sad tank, some lego, 'Mech tuning, a huge submarine and a scary number of planes. Apparently I haven't been myself at all or I've just spent that much time outside my comfort zone. Which is not a bad thing :)

Here's a sample of the finished projects since the last time:
[MiG-29 | Ju-87 | M-B A | Mentats | Panther G | U XXIII | N/AWA-10 | AT-AT | F-16A]

So yeah, I've got stuff done but what's still incomplete? My pygame project has been lying untouched since this February, when I decided that I'd need to change the scope quite a bit in order to finish it at some point. I just haven't had the mood for removing all the now excessive stuff and I've played other people's games instead.

The layout is still in the same state it was after my initial adjustments. One of these days I've got to sit down to gimp a favicon if nothing else. Being lazy I want to use one for the Finnish version and this one. Luckily both Projektimutinaa and Project mumblings can nicely use something like a "PM" or such.


At the moment I'm writing this the 'mumblings postlist says it contains 298 posts. Two of these are drafts (this one and another that's waiting for a few photos and a couple of explanatory paragraphs), five have been scheduled for the next mid-Wednesdays and the remaining 291 are already out for everyone to enjoy. I've managed to maintain my goal of producing 'content' once a week, no matter what I think of its quality.

During this year I've been doing more and more so that I've worked intensely and shared the reporting over a number of postings, in more or less sense-making subunits. This has allowed me to avoid the potential kilometer-long posts and I've managed to set up a buffer to protect me from a couple of weeks of "no can do" time. And sometimes I just haven't felt like working on anything or I haven't had the time to do a thing, so this buffer has fulfilled my self-imposed "once a week"-minimum limit.

According to the Blogger stats page the Project mumblings have been read 11k+ times, with very little promoting (mostly I've just shared a link in g+). The most popular posts have been the Model Expo posts, some Fallout stuff, the Imperial X-Wing prototype, MAD IIC and the recent single-session build post about the F-16. The trend is still rising and I've got no clue how or why :p

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