Finished: Project VI/15


For a change there weren't any noticeable issues with the decals. Only two of them got uncancellably ruined: a coat of arms from one horizontal stabilizer and one "F-22* Raptor" ad from the nose.

Getting a couple of those small decals into their places mostly blocked by the bomb bay doors also provided a challenge, but they ended up where they were meant to be in the end. This time I didn't notice anything being the wrong way, either. I guess I was paying enough attention.

After a short drying period I applied the matt varnish all around - excluding the canopy - and decided that this was it [285]. Now I have, just for my own amusement, followed the way I have used the time on a project and can ponder a bit. This one took one week on the calendar (I began on Monday and finished the same week's Sunday) and in actively used time just a bit below five hours.

Time usage mumblings

Building was done quickly, as the pieces fit together wonderfully, and nothing really required much fighting. As long as we ignore the bomb bay doors in this context. Masking things and preparing for the painting were again the time-eaters - and the decals, as I tried to be really careful with them. Painting itself, on the other hand, was pretty quick, as I mostly painted flat colors on surfaces, except for the dark shape. Nothing required accuracy or special care.

Of course I could've cut some time off from just about every step, but I wasn't in a rush and I was taking my sweet time. I was occasionally listening to Top Gear, QI or WILtY that was on the background instead of working single-mindedly, aiming for a 100% efficienct on my time.

The final photos

This time I took my final photos exceptionally with my phone, as the real camera was on its way through Europe. Please do forgive me and try to survive, you can see something from these pics, too.

An advert-sticker for a war material expo perhaps?

There was even a serial number

I had fixed the glass pane edges a bit

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