Project VIII/15

As the last and eighth project of the year I ended up with another snack: an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer by Metal Earth Models. This one even came with its own stand, nice!

A metallic Star Destroyer

The AT-AT by the same maker that I built earlier this year was a nice build and the result pleased me greatly. My expectations for this one were reasonably high, especially as beautiful Star Destroyers would most likely be easier for this kind of work, shape-wise and the final model would undoubtedly be a magnificent sight to behold. Of course all this pre-praise required that I didn't ruin something myself - and badly.

Again the packet contained a sheetful of instructions and two sheets of laser-cut fine-looking parts. To my great enjoyment I noticed the almost complete lack of very thin and long pieces, so overbending those while removing them wasn't a hure risk, unlike with just about all of t the AT-AT's leg parts.

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