Finished: Project I/16

On time usage

I didn't count the hours spent on this project at all. Honestly I think I should've kept marking them down, but I just forgot it in the beginning, and when I realized, it was too late to guess/estimate how much I had worked already. All these blog posts were spread over eleven weeks, and that may not be too far off the mark regarding real time used. Usually my posts cover a wider timeframe than what I actually use.

Still, about three months is not little. In my defence I have to say that the early '16 wasn't too easy and there were a bunch of weeks when I didn't work on the model one bit, the prewritten and prescheduled posts kept up my reporting. A small buffer of text was a handy idea when I started doing it a few years ago and I think I'll keep maintaining it for vacation time and any surprises.

Pluses and minuses

If we don't count the immensely annoying tail wing setup, this model ended up pretty nice. It could've been better, of course, especially if I had planned things (the armaments) a bit more in advance instead of making it up as I went. Maybe I'll learn something from this?

I got into customizing these bits, that was loads of fun. The optical seeker head lenses that I did may not be too realistic, I really can't say, but just doing that was important. Just like the small, quickly done and still something I stupidly ignored, the ordnance markings, they brought plenty of life and maybe even a semblance of realism to this construct of mine. My base was simple but I think it worked out just fine.

The decals failed me badly this time. Or most of them did, as a couple of them worked out just perfectly. Some of the decals I shold've thrown straight into the garbage bin, the worst offenders being the sharkmouth decals and the heraldic emblems on the sides, for example. Here we could witness it once again: if method x works perfectly on a couple of projects, it doesn't guarantee crap on a different project. This time I'd just plain the decals being bad as they were the only things that changed in the context of how they were applied on the model. Then there was the tail-sitting feature, which was completely my own fault.

The results

Without further mumblings, I'm offering the final photos. May they please someone's eyes!

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