First things first

Pilot's car

I decided to start with the war-VW. It'd been funny if they'd provided at least one figure to sit in the car, but I guess that wasn't cool.

Heh, I almost followed the instructions. I left the wheels off as that'd make the painting that much easier. So I started by gluing on the axels with the gear box and whatnot, then I glued on the things I assumed to be the exhaust pipes. They couldn't be anything else, could they?

That was all that the bottom required, I proceeded to the top side. Two uncomfy- and oddly-proportioned -looking seats were installed around a gear stick. The beetle-like cute tiny engine was installed in the back.

That was all that went on the inside. I then sealed the tub's sides and lulled myself into the belief that everything would just fit perfectly together in a few minutes. It did end up looking a bit tight and narrow, but I guess that's how it was for real.

Hah, there was a rear seat after all. And for the backseaters a panic handlebar was to be installed. How clever. Under the lip of the front plate a minimalistic dashboard was installed with a steering wheel. Surprisingly I got the steering wheel on at a proper angle for a change.

I decided to install the hood as a solid meteal piece. For some reason it didn't sit without gaps, but the folded ragtop covered everything tactically. I do admit that a raised roof would've looked more stylish but as I think I was pondering the lats time, this'd also be easier considering the painting phase.

The windshield wasn't installed at this point and I started attaching the last details. Both wing mirrors were a bit bumpy but I decided that they'd be good enough. Both Bosh lights on the fenders sat on perfectly. Also the NOTEK convoy light on the left front went nicely. I'm really not used to this.

I decided that I wouldn't bother with any wirings of my own on a model of this scale. One would also think that in a car the cables would be hidden by default, so the Authenticity Level Goal of the Project Mumblings was achieved already.

This 50c coin should provide some sense of scale

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