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New foldables

I decided to skip the excess ramblings this time, so the short version's this: I got a couple of new project entities introduced into my work queue. Both were Metal Earth Models sets, one of them was to enlargen my Imperial collection with an AT-ST scout walker and the other one was very familiar from my childhood: the awesome leader of the Decepticons - Megatron!

Apparently the ME's line had been extended with new stuff since I last checked. According to the back of the packet there were three other kits: Slave I, Incom T-47 and a beautiful Lambda-class shuttle. I have no doubts that we'll see a couple of these at some point in the future.

I immediately had a feeling that Megatron would be pretty quickly in progress and in the 'Mumblings as soon as there was space. One of the first thoughts was "I've got to bring this to the office".

Of course the Transformers title theme started playing in my poor head immediately, accompanied with several quotes spoken by Frank Welker. And that was all very good indeed.

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