Project VI/16

Still far away from my comfort zone

My huge submarine was still captainless. My last attempt at painting humans succeeded rather well (my SdKfz 251/1 project was done five years ago already I, II), so why not give this another shot and paint another dude for a bit of a different situation?

The starting point

I had bought, ages ago, a Rommel and his staff box by Dragon, that contained four guys. According to the box art at least one of the not-Rommels had a long coat and that was good enough for me. I also remembered when buying this kit that people had praised Dragon's figures quite a bit. Not that it mattered that much to me, with my skills you couldn't tell the difference between the best of plastic figures and a barely ok one.

There were two sprues inside, one with the men and their rags, while the other had a mountain of accessories, like binoculars and pistol holsters for a few HQ units. I thought that at this point I'd be more than fine with just one pair of binocs that I could ultimately glue into the poor man's hands.

Getting to work

I chose the rightmost binoculars-wielding guy from the box art as my transfer to the Kriegsmarine. All I changed was his hat from the field cap to the officer's fancy hat. That may require some poking later on (I had this idea that the naval officer's hats in Das Boot were a bit less pointy than the Wehrmacht ones), but it could also look good with just the proper colours.

Käytin siis suoraan takakannen "rakennusohjeen" merkitsemät palat, joista tuo takki oli ehkä omituisin kokonaisuus. Ovelasti, mutta itselleni täysin turhasti, kaverin lahkeet saisi maalattua täysin ja nätisti takinhelman altakin. Liimasin äijälle jalat kiinni torsoon ja takin selkäosan heti perään. Kevyen koesovittelun perusteella takki olisi aika hyvin sopiva, jos kohta lievää saumakittailua edellyttävä. Ehkä minä malttaisin hoitaa ne kuntoon parempaa lopputulosta jahdatessani.

At this point I kept the arms off the torso just to keep their final position open. And this way they wouldn't be on the way if I started working on the front side of the coat. According to what I found out with a quick googling the naval raincoats were a bit different than this one and I wouldn't have any need for the belt going across the chest. I was beginning to think that this wasn't going to be just as quick a project as I had thought in my delusions of grandeur...

No matter, there have to be challenges. I still thought that as I'm a total amateur, the Project Mumblings wasn't even going to aim at perfection but something acceptably cool.

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