Project VII/16

My long-ago gone birthday had provided me, among other things, a couple of Metal Earth Models sets. The first one was the awesome leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. You may have guessed that I was quite beside myself!

The envelope with its bits

As we've become used to, the envelope contained two sheets of pieces to be bent until my neck got stuck and the air was filled with profanities. Typically a G1 Transformer, Megatron was pretty angular, so I wasn't going to be too frustrated with round shapes. The cover art Megatron was in a pretty silly, zombielike pose, though .I hoped that the left arm could be repositioned a bit at least.

Sea of instructions

This set differed from the Star Wars models by its instructions. There were a total of eight pages of them now! Based on a quick skimming, nothing too weird was to be expected. Good, good.

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