The captainy details

Skin tone issues

I started painting the skinny bits again with a coat of chocolate brown (VMA 70872). On top of that I applied an almost as covering layer of dark flesh (VMC 70927). Finally I painted a bit lighter but still not entirely dry brushful of medium fleshtone (VMC 70860). This recipe had worked just nicely on the Deutsche Afrika Korps guys, so why not again?

I happily gave this guy a white sweater that'd bring some variety on the otherwise dark figure. Generally I used this pic as a reference, because I thought it looked amusing enough. There was no way I could get such an expression done, but one can't have everything.

What sort of a face would I like to show around?

After the skin was done I did the eyeballs with two tiny droplets of white in both eyesockets. Then I dropped an even tinier droplets of non-aryan chocolate brown for the eye colour, managing to achieve a really suspicious look on his face. I also did some buttons on the coat, again looking at the ref pic, using old gold (VMC 80878). Six out of eight got to the photos. There were no other markings to be done on the coat.

Put on your hat, man!

Lastly I attacked his hat. I painted the lip, the brim and did a larger round on the forehead part with black (VMA 71057). The rest I painted white (VMA 71001) to add another layer on top of the white primer. A bit later I scribbled some leaf-like things on the front edge of the visor(?) and a wreathlike thing on the round bit on the front of the hat. In the center of that I attempted to paint the roundel by dropping a drop of white and then its center another, smaller droplet of red (VMA 71085 Ferrari Red). For examples and inspiration I had found this photo.

While I was typing this up I noticed that I had forgotten the Reichseagle from the hat, so I had to add that sooner rather than later. I had also thought that I could maybe attempt to create some sort of a beard's shadow effect on the face, but I wasn't sure if I dared to.

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