Finished: Project VIII/16

Project thoughts

The sixth item in my Metal Earth Models collection, the AT-ST, was the most complicated to build without a doubt. It also ended up as the series' most time-consuming one. The half-an-hour fights closing the TIE cockpits were absolutely nothing compared to the almost three-hour long leg assembling sessions.

Luckily all these have been symmetrical, so when one bit has been built the next one has been noticeably quicker and easier to replicate. Once again I didn't remember or even think of logging the time usage, so I couldn't really verify the claim of being a huge time-consumer. If we pondered on the fact that I spent a bunch of evenings, 20-45 minute sessions each, over about two weeks, we'd still get to an amount of hours. Then a completely different and insanely much simpler model, the F-22, took about three hours with all the building, painting and such. But I worked very differently on that one.

Still I claim that these metallic puzzle-like models are fun, even if occasionally nervewracking to build. Yes, this one also made me want to throw the fucker into a wall. An almost puzzling detail regarding the pieces that occurred to me: I've never managed to break a piece / assembly that has required an swearing amount of force, but some normal pieces have broken into two while detaching them. This observation was about the whole set of six, not just the AT-ST that lost that little box from its left leg. And that bit got accidentally bent the wrong way, without me noticing in time while I was twisting the piece in the sprue, so the difficulties have been caused [in my opinion] to the shapes and the amount/frequency of the bending parts.


The POV of a soon-to-be-smashed-into-bloody-pulp Ewok

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