Finished: project II/17

At long last my rocket launcher truck was in a publishable condition. Then I took the final photos (and while moving the model around I managed to snip the cursed left wing-mirror off yet again and just couldn't even care anymore) and am now revealing those to you. Oh, and the excuse for the whole setup, I guess I ought to type it here too.


Everybody knows that our dear neighbour in the east has been occupying a part of Ukraine for a good while now. Early on there were news of these green men, unmarked soldiers. In my madness I decided to tie my vehicle to these semi-recent happenings, as soon as someone had suggested doing a digicamo instead of a more traditional one.

Even though the digital camouflage is not a new idea, it's gotten some wider use pretty recently. Against that background the Ukrainian happenings were a very fitting match for this project. Also, the Guards emblems on the doors matched (well enough) those that have supposedly been sighted* in there, although on somewhat heavier and more modern launchers. Maybe the 438th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade had a couple of older BM-21 launchers just waiting to be used and they didn't have enough GPS/ГЛОНАСС equipment to go around. So they could easily claim that the Grad had just gotten temporarily confused about  its whereabouts and so ended up in the wrong side of the border...


Here's a bunch of my traditional clockwise-running photos of the truck from the cardinal and the intercardinal directions. And some higher up views just for the show.

The strange bonus angles

There's to bottom so you can see that it was done properly as well

The final photo of the engine. I almost started making working hinges, but I wasn't quite insane enough.

*) I'm not able or interested in guaranteeing the validity of some random internet sources, especially considering this sort of a topic during these false news and propaganda filled times.

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