The A9's canopy and general priming

The deathtrap

Sometime earlier I bragged that I had painted the cockpit's interior and a bit of the outside. Before priming the first (the bottom) half of the missile I mengeled the vacuformed canopy piece off its material piece and whiteglued it on. Somehow, at this point, the missile looked quite a bit more like a Beagle Boys' vehicle than a German Wunderwaffe.

Snow white and her one metric ton payload

As usual I did the priming in two stages. Even though I feel that this bottleful of Vallejo's white primer is not that good I used it as I'm both too lazy and cheap to buy more before I'm done with this one. Priming is not spectacular work so I was mostly pondering on how I'd paint the model whenever I had the time to get to it. I decided to use the RLM colours that I had bought for my Fw-190 project. It'd work out just nicely, I thought.

Of course I had to try if the missile actually fit the launch pad or not. Yes, it did and it looked... interesting. I had feared that it wouldn't fit and even if it did, it'd fall down more or less immediately. For a change I was wrong.

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