A lively work queue

My friend Tape had obtained a good pile of kits from an estate or two and offered the overflow for my own sick projects. I promised to offer a good home to a couple of tanks, a Tamiya's Panther (Ausf. G, early) and a Revell Jagdpanzer IV (Ausf. F, early). He suggested a couple for my Project Assistant and she received a Zvezda's IS-2 (1:72) and an Airfix Panther (H0 (wtf?)). The Zvezda kit was "a no glue required" show so I could let her build it all by herself. Supposedly.

My firstborn's models

My models

And when would I get to start with any of them? No clue, absolutely no clue whatsoever.

About the summer schedule of the 'Mumblings

Yeah... I was writing this before my summer vacation and I hadn't gotten a single second of modeling time in ages, and I didn't think I was going to do that by the time the vacation started. While on vacation I was obviously not going to work on anything and most likely the first week(s) would be a "nah, there's no time now" kind of a thing. Or so they've been over the last five years.

So, it could be that the Project Mumblings will take their first "now there won't be a post every single week" since the early months. Amazing, in a way. But I guess I'll get back to some sort of speed at some point, as soon as the general life settles into its own routes :)

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