Finished: Project III/18

SdKfz 181

A sixty-ton ultrastylish machine, Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf H or Ausf E Tiger (I), whichever way you referred to it, was Germany's questionable gift to the world, and it was the size of a small sauna cabin and for some obscure reason it's always been an extremely popular modeling subject. It definitely was a pretty thing, regardless of scale and material, right? According to Wikipedia they built something like 1347 of these legendary monstrosities.

Unit 4

As you're most likely used to, I took the basic posing pics from the cardinal and ordinal directions, but also directly from above and even below, as the kitty's belly had been modeled so nicely. I just couldn't not show it. I couldn't tell if it was because of the misaligned subcomponents or what, but especially towards the end of the set, those three images showing the left side of the tank managed to make the tank look like it was really accelerating towards its target, pedal to the metal.

Odd angles again

I didn't go and gimpify the reflections off the backgrounds. Maybe I would have to try that too, to judge wheter or not it brings something else than a pixelated mess and a bad experience.

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