It ain't easy

So my first attempt at painting went how it went... The paint I used was of third grade and despite my attempts at thinning it it went blobby. The results were really weird and either too thick or too thin - without me adjusting the paint at all! It didn't get stuck to the model even accidentally. Sigh. We're off to a good start. So the next day I marched to a shop to get some more stuff.

I decided to modify an old Ju-88 A4 kit box (project Lemmy) to make a painting studio (or whatever those are called) to contain the mess in a certain area. Besides, what can't you macgyverize with some tape and cardboard? The paint that you can see in the photo is just some ultra-thin paint that I used to test how the damn airbrush works.

My trip to my royal provider of toys ended with 4 small Vallejo paint pots and a spraycan of basecoat paint. I mean, those 17ml things would run out several times if I used those for basecoating... The main idea was to get the panzer colours (green, brown, yellow) in the Vallejo Model Air format, for all the details and weirdnesses I'd still paint with a paintbrush or something. But just in case I got a small potful of that basecoat-gray, just in case I had to fix something small, quickly.

All in all, the week was surprisingly busy so I didn't get to paint that much. The base of the tank is now slightly green. I'm pondering on what to do next for real. Maybe I'll try to paint the camo pattern and then continue building the pieces.
In any case I'm facing the danger of running out of compressed air already, especially if my lack of skills is going to end up in results that can be seen in the next photo that may require plenty of fixing...

But more about that next time.