There has been some progress even though it doesn't always sound like it.

As my next goal I ended up working on the top hull, which ended up being less of a hassle than what I was expecting. Most of the whole crap was two huge pieces and a buch of smaller details. Surprisingly I decided to glue the gun to its place, without the possibility to move it around for posing. Usually I want to be able to adjust all the pieces that I can adjust, so I get my photos as I want them to be.

There wasn't anything special about this phase of the build, just attach the pieces and put the next ones on the line. I painted the insides of the fighting compartment just in case you can see inside from a crack in the hull. Such as the opening for the periscope. At least there's something that looks like it should, without the real interior.

In the following photos the top hull is more or less finished:

Shockingly the light had its electric cable already in the cast piece so I didn't need to go for my thin metal wire and try to make one up. For a change.
The tail isn't much worse than the front:

At that point all the small details - like the jack -  weren't attached to their places. With all the busyness of the end of the week I didn't get to post about this phase so I continued my work and tell about it here. The last missing pieces are the supports for the Schürtzen and some random gadgets on the deck.
The rails where the armor skirts will be attached were a problem because I didn't realize that I shoudl've measured the anchors with the rail pieces to avoid any corrections later. 
I had to pay for my stupidity and ended up bending some already glued and dried pieces off their places to get them attached to the rails. The only real problem was the last piece on the left side, for the toolbox was slightly on the way (in addition to the supports on the superstructure being a bit off) and I couldn't attach it at all at this point. Maybe it'll be fine today as the glue has set and I have to fight with only one piece anymore...

This third photo was taken in a hurry and in suboptimal lighting conditions (it was a rainy day and apparently the worklight I have isn't enough). So not enough light for the camera of my N900 :|

There's not that much left, the armored skirts need a bunch of holders and then I could basecoat the whole thing and start slaving with the tracks themselves.

Of course I could and maybe even should cut the armor plates off so my Sturmpanzer would have a bunch of individual plates hanging on the sides instead of two huge plates with just a small recess to show where the different parts are supposed to go. I believe it'd look slightly more realistic, even.

We'll see that later today!

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