Small steps

All kinds of random things have delayed my progress lately. The armored skirts managed to take a bunch of painting layers and joining the upper and lower parts of the hull were problematic. I shouldn't have followed the construction manual too closely. Bah. I should just and build these things the way that feels the best.
Live and learn.

Luckily the skirts were easy and handy to cut in pieces. Now I can customize the setup however I feel like (I can drop the badly fucked up ones away and no one will now). So maybe the project is still salvageable:

Both the front and the rear parts have, as you can see in the photos, some stupid holes. The forward part can be nicely fixed with a piece of tracks but the rear part? Who knows? Maybe painting the whole hull distracts people's eyes enough. Otherwise I have to come up with another way to cheat everyone... Damn.

I also started working on the tracks, the right side is about 2/3 done but I didn't get to finish because a migraine tried to ruin my day. So I'll finish that a bit later. When the right side is done, I'll know how many pieces the left side needs - more or less - and how it goes in general. I haven't built these in years so my skills are a bit rusty...
Anyway, when the tracks are done and dry, I'll start painting the hull. While I'm painting I can play some time to come up with a way to hide the fuckups in the construction. Oh, and I need to paint the Balkenkreuz in four or five places at least: three in the hull and two in the skirts.

There won't be any Zimmerit because I totally forgot it, so this is a really late model of Sturmpanzer IV, after OKH decided that it can't be used because of the false fear of the Zimmerit coating catching fire. Maybe it's not a problem. And if I had wanted to set up the Zimmerit coating, I'd needed more tools and materials.

It'll be all right 8)