Almost there, almost there

I've been playing a lot with all these details. My first attempt at spraypainting a camo on the tank was a bit on the failed side of the spectrum, surprisingly. That's because of my own stupidity for I hadn't cleaned the device well enough, so I can't blame anything else than myself. The end result looked more like the floor of the nearest train station because the airbrush was spitting more than I would've liked.

So I had to start fixing the pattern I had made up. It doesn't look as good as it could have, especially if you look too closely. But then again, you're not supposed to be looking at it up close, it's supposed not to be seen from a distance. And in that kind of a scenario, maybe it'd work nicely in an autumnish forest or something. Maybe this isn't a complete disaster.

The extra pieces on the nose are going to be painted black during the next set of small detailing-steps and weathering. Maybe I should pop by my modeling shop and get some b&w paints so I can paint the Balkenkreuz with a stencil. We shall see how that idea ends up working...

This post shall be a bit shorter because there's not that much to be told about making a mess. So I'll end with a bunch of photos:

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