Almost there, almost there... again

Because of all some everyday hassle, the Sturmpanzer hasn't progressed much this week. Not that there's much to do anymore anyway. During this week I've mostly worked with the extra road wheels and fixing the odd paint splotches around the model. All that's left in my opinion are drilling open the MG (I hope I don't break it accidentally), painting the tools and the muzzle of the howitzer.

road wheels

It could be fascinating to invest to some pigments, to make the model look a bit more lively. At least more real than what I can accomplish with paints only. Or maybe I'd just make more of a mess :P
Maybe I should give them a chance. At least "everyone" is praising the Mig products, but then again, the Tamiya mud stick was pretty fine to me, too. Hmm.

I can already smell the faint smell of an arms race. And it smells good...

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