Easy peasy

Easly week went again with random fumblings...

I tried to get the Balkenkreuz painted on the hull (after all I decided to add ones to the front and rear sides as well), this time using the stencil method. That's something I've never tried before, so it was yet another weird thing to be tried. So I cut the waterslide transfers, because they had the correct sizes. From one I cut away the center and from another one the sides.

The project begun with four outer crosses painted white. Two of them went bad because the stencil wasn't placed well enough. Bah. "Doesn't matter anyway", I thought, for I was going to fill the center pieces with gray-black later, "that ought to hide some fuckups". Once again a couple of those ran a bit, the others worked better. In the end I fixed the logos with a paintbrush.

Next time I paint I guess I should fix the outside-leaks with the camouflage colours. Oh well. Maybe I learn to do things better on the first try at some point. Or not.

Later I weathered the bottom part of the tank and the tracks with some dried mud colour. After that paint had dried up, I tried my luck with the Tamiya weathering stick (mud) that I had bought from the Model Expo 2009. The end result looks like dried, blobby mud. Pretty neat!

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