Announcement: Project 3/2010 is completed

Sturmpanzer IV / Brummbär in the american vocabulary, my first tank project in years (and just about the only scale model in something like five years) is now completed. The tank has been put in the shelf after a bunch of photos had been taken. Those photos have a ton to improve, just like the model itself. But this is how it goes and maybe the long lost semi skills return with more practice. Maybe.

I'm afraid I ramble a lot about the same things all the time, but I tend to do that. Nothing new under the sun.

Anyway, I took a bunch of photos on last Friday with the big camera (D300), for the sky was clear and offered some natural light. I didn't have to wait for it that long after all. Surprisingly even that amount of autumnish late afternoon light wasn't quite enough... But had I waited for a sunny weekend, we'd be talking about the next February.

I don't dare to post more than a few photos from the new set. It's the same hunk of plastic anyway. These are just supposed to be a bit less "work in progress":

If someone's wondering, what the hell that A + w in the largest pieces of the Schürtzen means, the reason comes from the history of the model itself: the thing was brought as a nerdy souvenir from Asturias and this Cruz de la Victoria is quite elemental in the local history. It's a symmetrical cross with letters that I always assumed to be alfa and a small omega (and while writing this I checked it from wikipedia - I was correct). So I thought that I'd join the place this model was bought from with the model itself and what a handier way than to combine the Balkenkreuz and the Victory Cross together.

If I remembered any better how the Condor Legion was fooling around in the Spanish civil war, I would've set up a backstory of how the crew had been there and all that. But I didn't do any of that, at this point anyway. Maybe we'll see some progress with the Project 4 of the year, as the plastic pieces have the same backstory, this one's year just happens to be this one and not the previous one.

This blog-like thingie has surpassed my weird and unbased thoughts of how it'd go and how I'd keep updating. There are more than ten posts and I've managed to ramble a bit every single week! I'm quite shocked. Maybe I've gone old.

Oh, the other two projects of this year: the first one is the "let's attach the shelf for the projector to the wall" that took about six months to complete. And the second one, nazi ufo (a Haunebu II Gerät) was started and fucked up in April), but let's not go there...

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