A piece at a time

I got to build over a couple of days, but didn't get too far anyway. A piece at a time, so I don't have to go for a new project too soon. Doesn't look like this'll take horribly long build-wise, it has so few pieces. Maybe planning the painting will take more time than the rest of the project together?

Famous last words, anyone? Maybe I'll get to regret them the next time already...

There's nothing too special about these photos: barrels are attached to the rest of the gun and the base is more or less done already. Mostly that seems to be just the controls for aiming the gun in x and y axises. Being quite uneducated about AA-guns, I assume that the x-axis traversal is being controlled with those pedals:

Now if I could remember, what's going to end up hiding that hole on the rear part of the cradle, I'd be a lot less bothered by this picture. I also had to cut a couple of extra pieces off the "platform", looks like that went well for a change.

I got to the photoetch-parts, as you can see. Those still need some extra pieces in them, but I'll wait until the glue keeping the boxes together dries first.

Only when I was checking the latest wip photos, I noticed that the left and right side guns are not pointing at the same direction. Got to do something about it.

It'll be awesome 8)

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