First mottling attempt

Earlier this week I got this thought in my head that the air can that I started in the summer might not be that good anymore. So I took and changed it to the new one. And himmel, the new one shot air like a storm wind unlike the previous one that was closer to a lungless chainsmoker... If those cans run out that quick with my ways of working, a compressor might not be a bad idea at all. As long as they don't cost monkeys covered in chocolate.

The main thing is that now the model is nicely covered in Dunkelgelb and no basecoat is visible anywhere. *cough*

So I decided to take and attempt the "mottle camo" idea I was talking about the last time. I also happened to have a bunch of small cardboard pieces that were protecting the photo-etch pieces. They were a bit big for what I had thought, but then again, it's better be safe than sorry. Especially knowing how my experimentalism usually ends up.
Anyway, if that ends up looking even half-decent and keeps the rest of the model clean, I'll call it a victory. To begin with, I decided to start with the brown and maybe go for the green tomorrow when everything's nicely dry. Unless I have to go back and cover everything with dark yellow again. Judging by the stencil itself after use, maybe I should've adjusted the airbrush head to be a bit smaller, to avoid wasting that much paint:

The wheel hubs were the first victim of mine, they ended up looking pretty fine to me. Encouraged by this tiny victory, I turned my attention towards the shields and the fenders. They didn't end up looking as nice, but we'll see how it all goes when I've added the green as well:
You can see some splashes and shit, some of the blots aren't quite what I was going for but then again, this was my first attempt and if you don't count the wheels in, all the pieces were a bit "funny" to paint by their shape / size. I believe this'll be a lot more doable with testing and developing (a couple of dozen iterations maybe?) and quite nice looking, too :)

To finish up my evening's painting session I took my paintbrush and started painting the gun's barrels back - again. I'm afraid I have to throw that brush away or redelegate it to weathering, because it's not useable for small details or finishing touches anymore. Oh, I had almost remembered to attach the armour pieces to the barrel-thingies that I forgot to use ages ago. You can see them in the photo, but for some reason I managed to take this pic from an angle that mostly hides one of the left side barrels.
But these aren't final pics but just stuff I take on the go to post here, so who cares at thise point? For that same reason I don't modify them more than just cropping and downscaling.

As a nice end a photo of that damn gun from another angle, that traditionally shows that no, there's not enough paint inside the muzzles after all. How the hell does this always happen?

If I get to "finish" this model on the weekend, as I'm insanely half-expecting, good. Otherwise it's going to be finished next year.
How exciting!

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