Trickery of random quality and some painting at last

So I finally got the basecoating redone (as I had originally intended). Because it's so damn cold and dark in the balcony at this point, I decided that the kitchen is a really good place to paint with the airbrush. I mean, those Vallejo model air paints don't really smell, unlike that sprayable primer.

The first pic shows the gun right before re-basecoating. I had to do some trickery to get those photo-etch pieces stick. A trick that I had come up with with my OmniMech projects: my modeling glue and some white glue. If you use a thin layer of white glue on the other metallic piece and and some liquid glue on the other piece, they set very quickly when they get in contact. It's pretty handy with pieces like this that don't have much contact surface to begin with. And when the liquid glue either dries too quickly or way too slowly.
Maybe it looks a bit silly from a certain point of view, but who cares if I get the thing done so you can see at least something in the first place? :P

First I had to clear some space on the desk, then dig up for all the junk like the canned air, my breathing mask and the painting box. Something was missing. That damn airbrush of course. Back to the storage room it was.
Luckily this apartment is so small that you can't really lose anything forever (sarcastic reference to my military passport, wherever the hell you are).

I had decided earlier, that the FlaK shall be mostly painted in dunkelgelb, with a couple of camo stripes on the shield halves, fenders and the wheel hubs. The biggest single parts, that is. When this dark yellow is fine enough after a couple of layers, I'll repaint the gun barrels black and then go for the camo.

Maybe I'll try to come up with a stencil of sorts to make a ridiculous attempt at a mottle camo, I saw that in FSM's rss feed, regarding the mottle camo on a Luftwaffe plane. I think it sounds cool and I should maybe try.

The rest of the pieces:

The point is to make a stencil and keep it slightly off the model while you paint with the airbrush. This way you end up nice, soft edges to the camo. At least that's in theory and what the übergurus accomplish. I'm not a guru, as we've noticed quite a few times already...

And now that I think of it, I'm almost in a hurry already if I want to get this project finished this year! The last 1,5 weeks I'll be abroad and I guess that the last days before flying will be busy enough so I won't have that much time to waste with silly things like this. We'll see.

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