Lock S-Foils into attack position, deflector shields double front

It ended up looking pretty neat after all. Now I just need to come up with a good idea for the base & support, but that's just a bonus. I've been suggested an asteroid and I thought of something like a Star Destroyer's surface or something where I could build a tiny Taim&Bak XX-9 Turbolaser tower. That could be cool. Let's see what happens in the end.

Aside from the slightly modified Pilot figure, this is a straight OOB build. Nothing else has been changed and as far as I've understood, painting is something that you do always, so it obviously doesn't make this any less OOB, even if the kit was prepainted. Especially the engines show that a perfectionist would've had a ton of puttying and sanding to be done. As everybody can see, I'm not either a perfectionist or suffer from ASM. This looks good enough to me, I'm satisfied with it and that's what matters :)

I will return to this when I've got something to report, that being a completed base, but otherwise this project (1/2011) is now completed. Took a couple of weeks, the second idea and attempt of a paint job was good and I didn't really ruin anything at any point. This is actually working pretty well! Of course these are one of the famous last words of a modeler, part "too many to count"... Next I'll either mumble about Fallout or a SdKfz 251/1 and its crew, depending on how I feel.

Here are a couple of final shots of the Pilot in his tub with his trusty R2-M2 astromech droid. Those pieces are just a bit too small for my hardware - either of the cameras - to get good, clear pictures even in the macro mode. Or maybe I'm just too dumb for these things.

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