My attempt at modifying the Pilot

To begin with I dug up my old greenstuff and a roll of legendary trick-wire. Can't translate that one, sorry :P I guess everyone's familiar with greenstuff: it's a two-component thing that you can mould and carve when it's set. In the container it's made of two separate strips of blue and yellowish stuff that you need to mix to get that green stuff done. Surprisingly.

To follow my idea that I presented in the previous post, I randomly made an extra lump around the pilot's head. After that I cut two very small pieces of trick-wire and bent them to fit nicely:

Later in the evening I got my paints out and quickly covered the guy in black to begin with. While he was drying I went and checked a couple of reference pics. Only the bucket, boots, gloves, chestbox and the pipes are to be black, rest are to be a bit lighter. So after the paint was dry I covered the overalls with Vallejo grey black and left the guy drying again.
When that was fine I did a couple of small white rings to the shoulders and to the left and right frontsides of the helmet. And then a small black asterisk-like thingie in the middle to make it resemble the Imperial emblem a bit better. Silver or metal would be more correct in this case but as white shows better I decided to stick with that. Finally I did a couple of white and red dots on the chest box.

As is a recurrent habit of mine, only when I was done and was looking at my reference pics again I noticed that I made a small mistake. That helmet is supposed to have a low mohawk-like shape on it. Sigh. Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow or maybe I'll just don't give a damn and decide it looks good enough through the smallish window. We'll see.

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