Project 4/2010 is completed

Last night I finished this damn AA-cannon. Naturally I had to fix the right side shield, just like I suspected last time.

I thought that hey, I'll be efficient and drill a small hole with my handy pin-vise to both the shield's connector and the receiving end, glue a short piece of a paperclip to give structural support ("pinning"). WEll, I half-succeeded. The receiving end was easily drilled but the other one... no way. It's diameter was a bit too small to allow any sort of safe drilling even with such a small drill bit. As my second option I used white glue and superglue. That works almost as nicely but isn't nearly as genial and nicely hidden.

When the gluings had set I covered those areas with a bit of paint and attempted to weather the whole structure a bit with different browns. In the end I got carried away and applied the weathering stick I started using with my Sturmpanzer project. I guess it looks like something now.

As a whole this set was a bit weird. Of course I take full blame with the photoecth-failures, I'm just new to them. I'll do better in the future. To add insult to the whole thing, I managed to paint the lower right sector shut! Didn't see it in time, didn't dare to attack it later, because I was afraid of breaking that thing off for the umpteenth time.

But that instruction set... it was problematic. Mostly because I stupidly believed that it was going to mark all the optional things as such, like it claims in the legend, not to mention the good practice and politeness. In hindsight: I should've read the instructions carefully and write a huge "NO!" to the parts I was going to do differently. As a result I would've got the pose I visioned when I started this build.
Now that I followed the guidelines blindly, I noticed some frellups a moment or two too late. In the end the FlaK is in the driving mode as opposed to the shooting mode I wanted (barrels level, aiming at a wave of enemies).

While I was building I was wondering the aiming system. That piece that connects the aiming devices with the elevator system couldn't have been attached properly in any other way than how it is now: aiming high. If the barrels were any lower, it wasn't attachable between those two. That's somewhat weird, I think. Maybe an actuator(!?)-like plastic thing would've been a bit too cumbersome and difficult to produce in this scale. Had I known (and got the skills), it would've been scratch built just to get the gun how I wanted it to be.

Oh my, the time. Took a couple of weeks more than what I initially said, in my delusions of grandeur. For that reason I'll keep myself from making any those claims in the future ;)

Next time we'll go to space! Yay! Space! Awesome!

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