More basing

I decided that I'll finish the base as soon, or quickly as possible. There were two main reasons for that.
  1. I was in the mood
  2. My next models are already begging to be started with

So I took my pin-vise and started drilling a hole to the mdf-plate. Its place was handily scouted when I spraycoated the asteroid base: for this the asteroid plate was on top of the mdf-plate where it was going to sit in the finished version, so I just sprayed directly from above. Some paint went through the small hole I had made with the iron wire so there was a neat, precise spot on the plate as a "drill here" sign. As I was patting myself on the back I noticed my tiny mistake with the toolset. My pin-vise has 0.1mm bits and the iron wire has a diameter of 1mm. So I had to misuse a couple of my other tools but in the end I got the hole as big as it needed to be.

Just in case my white glue wouldn't be enough I decided to pin them together. I marked six places and drilled shallow holes in those spots. After that I poked the end of the thin wire in each hole at a time and cut a short piece. To prevent them from falling off at critical moments (that always happens) or just being in an awkward angle, I spread some thinned down white glue around them. Thinned down so that there wouldn't be any funny lumps on the mfd-plate when I try to attach all things together.

Had I been a bit less enthusiastic, I had realized before attaching the ministicks that the bigger wire needs a place to go to, too... While the tiny pins were occasionally digging into my palm I dug a trench on the bottom of the mdf-plate. When the extra iron wire can be bent to be out of the way and maybe giving a tiny bit of extra rigidity for the whole thing.

That's the actiony pose I had intended. Now I just need to clean up a bit here and there, like taking the sawdust remains off and all that.

As an ultra extra bonus a shot directly from above:

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