New material to accompany the Imperial X-Wing

A bunch of days ago I asked from a guy I know, what he as a more experienced modeler thinks of my plan for the X-Wing's base. I had thought that a salsa jar lid would be a nicely sized and shaped thing to put stuff on. The asteroid could've been modeled with some styrofoam that's been softened over a tea candle or something. Then the model itself would be lying on a plastic pipe (cotton swap pipes, to be more exact) and there would be a piece of metal wire that hooks to a hole in the bottom of the model. Or a bunch of them. But drilling holes in my model? Didn't like the sound of that.

This is more or less the reply I got to my email: "I may have some extra finnfoam at work, it's nicer to work with than polystyrene and maybe some MDF plates and some heavier metal wire. Would it be fine if I popped by on Friday?". Of course it was fine. And as usual the five-minute visit ended up being more than an hour and a half, for we both seem to have the habit of talking quite a bit whenever there's someone to chat with. This is what Tapsa brought with him:

A plate of lightish blue finnfoam, an assortment of those mdf plates with nice edges (I have absolutely no clue how that thing is to be called in english) and a small roll of strong-looking metal wire. The idea is to twist a piece of that wire to make a two-pronged fork to have the model sit on (between the wings). Then the wire would turn back from other end to go down, through the finnfoam and the mdf plate where it would be finally connected. At the moment I think that the biggest problem will be the making of the asteroid shape so taht it doesn't look too fake. Soon we'll see how badly I guessed. Again.

I really was going to keep a short-ish break from modeling and all that but then again, there are my pieces and it's less than two months to Model Expo so I have to actually build that base before it. Meanwhile the next special vehicle (SdKfz) is already whispering from under the table "Build meeeee.... buuuiiiiiiillllldddd meeee". Auf deutsch, natürlich.

Maybe I'll go and play a bit more of Fallout so that kind of whisperage ends for a moment at least.

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