One more build is now completed

Not much was left to do. I washed the rest of the weapons and a couple of items just to bring out some details and give some variety to the guys. Oh, and I remembered to add the missing rank "buttons" on Herr Leutnant's shoulder thingamagicks. To keep the acquired level of insanity I went and painted the Deutsche Afrika Korps insignia to the boxes on the sides of the halftrack and scribbled the unit markings both to the front and the rear of the vehicle. The latter looks more like a doodling of a five-year old kid, but that's the best I could do now.

Those waterslide transfers are cheating.
Oh, and I didn't add the register plates. They'll survive without just fine.

View from the left

The right side


The rear end

It doesn't quite look like in the picture...

That's it. Those photos are somewhat weak because I took them quickly with my n900, but maybe I'll get to take a bit better ones with the real camera and update again. But now I have my mind set to the next project already! Where in the world am I going to find all the tiny extra pieces I think I'll need?

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