Warhammer IIC - a custom variant

There's not much to say about the last phase of this build, other than that the "glass" I made works pretty nicely and that cockpit jeweling / blending isn't my cup of tea. Or at least I don't do it even decently at this point in history. As a bonus difficulty multiplier I tried to do red, which turns pink with white and looks like crap. After repainting the big window that looks like a mouth and the smaller windows on the "forehead" did wonders but is still far from looking cool.
Practice makes perfect and I have a lot of practice to do (though, I have to say that my attempt at green eyes for the Atlas in my Model Expo 2009 diorama wasn't too bad). So maybe I'll use a different colour for that next time.

This beast of a 'Mech didn't end up being wysiwyg (those two guns in the head aren't in, the torso guns are all of a different size and so on), unlike the Marauder. You can't always win but you can charge them while alpha striking! That is always both Right and Beautiful.

I add the specs below, some people may find it more interesting and useful than some others:

Mass80 tons
Tech/EraClan / 3055
ConfigBiped 'Mech (Level 2)
Movement4 / 6 / 0
Internal structureEndo Steel (122pts)
Engine320 Fusion
Heat Sinks20 Double
ArmorFerro-Fibrous (230pts)
Weapons & Equipment

LB 5-X ACRA120 (RA)
LB 5-X ACLA120 (LA)
SRM 6RT415 (RT)
Medium Pulse LaserRT5-
Medium Pulse LaserRT5-
Medium Pulse LaserRT5-
Medium Pulse LaserLT5-
Medium Pulse LaserLT5-
Medium Pulse LaserLT5-
Combat Heat36 (40)

This thing ended up being nicely filled: the tons are all used and only one Critical Slot was left unused. The original design carried a couple of ERPPCs and other neat toys, but as I had originally decided that this one's an AutoCannon carrier... For some weird reason bigger than Class-5 AutoCannons didn't fit so that there was any space left for more guns. I decided to, for the sake of fun and sportmanship, to use the LBX (shotgun) variants instead of Ultra AutoCannons like the ones used in my Marauder.
Those LB 5-X's are decent for crit-seeking, even though they aren't as enfuriatingly good at it as LB 20-X guns are... My two sets of triple ER Medium Lasers are maybe a disturbing option, even though it's nothing compared to Nova Prime's twelve ERMLasers... now that's one sick config. The only thing I left is the SRM-6 launcher, no fooling around with Streaks or anything due to lack of available tonnage.

Right above the lasers on the left torso you can see the number of this unit: 825. That being the next one from Marauder (824). I'm used to pulling the unit numbers from my magical hat without any kind of a plan or anything. Maybe in the future I could do something more german, such as Trinary number (1-9), Star number (1-3), Point number (1-5) and I think that should be enough for the Clan, Galaxy and Cluster are always known and don't need to be indicated with numbers. This particular Cluster doesn't have any special logo or pattern that can be used as an identifier but then again, making the numbers even longer would end up being a bit stupid.
I've used a similar numbering (Star/Point/Plane) with my 9th Falcon Talon Cluster's AeroSpace Figthers points but not with 'Mechs. Maybe I should do something like that in the future.

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