Class 1 priority override

This may sound like a weird and a boring post, but who cares? A project is a project, this just happens to be in 1:1 scale for a change :)

One day not too far in the past we (the Berry and me) decided that those 3.14kea class items of kitchen furniture (two chairs and a table) would work better if they had some colour on them instead of being boringly unpainted. After a while of pondering and whatiffing we went to a hardware store and bought some junk. Basecoat, paintbrushes, surface paint and such.

As the first step the surfaces were sanded clean to remove the inevitable traces of being used for 4.5 years. The next obvious step was basecoating. Doing things like real professionals, weren't we?

As a dude who's very used to acrylic paints these oil-based things were a pain in the donkey: cleaning up the tools, the smell and the 24-hour drying period... sigh. I guess it's not that bad, we luckily had enough space to have our dinners somewhere else during the project.

The local habit of having the furniture mostly white/black/unpainted disturbs us, especially the Berry, so we decided to go with more colour (especially as the kitchens, too, tend to be white-walled):

That green is perhaps a bit brighter than what we originally had in mind, but it works anyway. I even had to take a photo of the completed and ready-to-use set because the table happened to be empty. For a change :D

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