New Lances started

This time I started with the easier Lance, easier in the sense that "I could maybe, potentially, perhaps... be able to freehand that logo. Badly.". Didn't have a go with the shield + swords -unit logo, maybe later. This time it was enough I tried to paint the Lyran fist. Not all of the miniatures had an excellent place for the logo, that's why that Zeus is standing differently from the others.

After collecting some courage I took a deep breath and started with a Draconis Combine logo to each left side of the foure Sword of Light 'Mech. Of course the Assassin didn't have enough space for me so I stamped the logo on its forehead.
Later I noticed that I had failed, the Sword of Light units don't use the standard Combine logo but their own, in this case the Golden Dragon. I'll fix it later. It's a pity, because those black ones worked a lot better than the golden ones (Vallejo's Old Gold) on the right sides of each... Oh well.

Maybe they'll be just fine for playing, anyway. Oh, and I forgot! I had attached the correct number of antennae to the 'Mechs that need them, according to Sarna's pictures.

On Monday evening I started painting the next eight BattleMechs with a good pace, I got inspired somehow. I chose the unit for the Capellan Confederation's 'Mechs to be the awesomely named Death Commandos. It sounds even cornier in finnish :D Anyway, I had thought that a black 'Mech with green trimmings would be a nice change and their logo isn't too difficult to do - somehow.

The Federated Suns Lance ended up belonging to the 7th Crusis Lancers, because their scheme is different enough from the other schemes and as a super bonus: it doesn't look like the french flag, unlike the traditional FedSuns parade units such as the Davion Guards. I had enough of that divided pattern with the Lyran Guard and the Davion Guards would've been almost the same but with two added red stripes. Meh.

The project was started with a puff of Gray Primer, as usual. After that had dried on the minis I airbrushed a coat of Grey Black (I decided that it'll look nicer than pure black) on the Death Commandos and the Lancers got a coat of Panzergrün. Nice and easy, especially as both basecoats were of a single colour and were found in my stash as a Model Air variety, too.

After the basecoats had dried I wondered for a while how the DCommando tins looked and then painted a bunch of semirandom armor panels with Sick Green. While they were drying I turned my attention to the Lancers. They all got a similar treatment with Bloody Red but this time I kept in mind that a symmetrical amount of panels would be painted blue. As I complained earlier, the only blue I have is the Magic Blue, but luckily it fit the other colours nicely without any adjustments, like an Alpha Strike to the heads of my enemies!
Erm. Right.

When all eight were in their proper schemes, I went through all the metal joints and gun barrels with some Oily Steel. Obviously I let it dry and then washed the Death Commando 'Mechs with Badab Black and then changed to Devlan Mud to wash the Lancers. I just thought that the Panzergrün would get a bit too dull under a black wash.

Today the sun was shining so nicely when I got home so I took out the paints and mixed a new set of orange to paint the cockpit windows. According to my mental image that'd be a good colour and it'd work nicely with both schemes. When I got to paint the window panels of the Quickdraw, I noticed that I had accidentally painted them green already because I hadn't been able to tell them apart from the rest of the paneling.
These IS tin cans are a bit stupid in that sense, if you ask me. Or these miniatures just suck arse. I'd bet on the second option.

Here's todays status of the pieces, starting with the Death Commandos

CP-10-Z (90 tons)

ENF-4R (50 tons)

QKD-4G (60 tons)

TBT-5N (50 tons)

And then the 7th Crusis Lancers

COM-2D (25 tons)

HER-1S (30 tons)

WTH-1 (40 tons)

JM6-S (65 tons)

They're ugly as a a bunch of cave trolls, but they're mine. There'll be more to come!

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