Completed two dozen freebirth scum tin cans

This week's task was prettifying the bases. While I was digging up for my items I found out that I had a couple of different Woodland Scenics flocks instead of only one! Nice. I didn't waste time with them, though, but in the future...

I dropped a couple of pinchfuls to the sand jar I had for the basing and shook it a bit. Should something get stuck to the bases, good. If not, that's cool too. It'd stay there for the next time.

My method has always been simple: apply a layer of white glue on the base, dip the lower part of the mini in the jar, twist around a bit, shake the extra crap off. Repeat until done. This has worked decently in my opinion, of course some minis have gotten a lot more attention while others like these got done quickly and efficiently, without fuss. I just didn't see these worth any super-special work with all the remaining mould lines and all that.

In any case, I think they'll be just fine for a game or two ;)

Someday soon(ish) I'll turn my attention to the plastic OmniMechs! Yay!

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