Naturally my current project-in-progress is this tiny subset of the introductory box: the two plastic OmniMechs. It's a distinct pleasure to work with them, especially after those other things. The basecoat was applied weeks and weeks ago, so I didn't need to worry about it at all. I painted some sort of two-tone camo on their surfaces with Stonewall Grey and Cold Grey. Next I touched up a couple of smallish pieces of the Summoner with Enchanted Blue, as Camospecs declares: Ghost Bear's Delta Galaxy's units are painted gray with light blue highlights.

Rather surprisingly the next thing that followed was the highlighting round of the Hellbringer. I tried to avoid going for too similar parts so these brother models wouldn't be identically highlighted. Just to add some variety.

The contrast between these two greys bothered me a bit, so I tried to apply a wash on one of Summoner's legs to see how it works. To me it looked just fine so I washed the rest of the mini and then continued on doing the same to the Hellbringer, too. I think it's a fine effect and it makes them look less like circus cars. And if I'm allowed to say so, more realistic.

With all my excitement I painted a bunch of narrow yellow stripes here and there around the torsos and arms. As usual, this was done to lay the groundwork for the caution stripes I like so much. When I later painted the black diagonal stripes to finish the patterns, I had used too big a brush and some of them got ruined. Caution stripes, not the brushes, of course. I'll be fixing them later. Grumble.

I finished the Summoner by painting the face of its LRM-15 launcher black. Maybe I'll apply some metallic paint on it and then wash that brown again. We'll see. As this session's last step I painted the missiles of Hellbringer's SRM-6 launcher white to make them stand out nicely. A while later I painted the tips red, so the SRMs are different from the usually smaller LRMs.

Next time I'll be working on Hellb's searchlight and I think I should try to use some of those tiny jewels I bought for the Marauderi on the PPCs. That could be a lot cooler than my earlier silver + blue glaze -approach. Cockpit windows may end up being orange, even though one sees the cyan+orange -combo quite a bit all around the world nowadays.
Oh, and I shall not forget the logos on these things.
I should dare to go for the Clan Ghost Bear's own logo, the Delta Galaxy's logo and maybe even the Cluster's logo, whichever Cluster I end up choosing... Years ago I painted a couple of Stars for our GM and he was going to assign them to either the 115th Striker Cluster (The Rolling Wave) or the 68th Striker (The Walking Panzers), so maybe neither of those.

But then again, walking panzers are pretty, pretty close to my heart, at least by the name...

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