Project year '12 starts exceptionally

The year changed, so what?
My winter vacation is now depleted and the week #1 went jolly nicely with the "let's move to the next city"-project. That's why I set the last batch of posts on a timer a bunch of weeks ago. And this is what the last days have gone with: unloading, sorting and repositioning things. Luckily it's now done.

A sad excuse for a man-cave
At least I got some space for my modeling and stuff. Let's see if it's useful in the end. Of course I ended up in the corner :P As the whole apartment is still a huge "work in progress", time will tell what happens, how and when. I guess and hope I have some furniture to be built next week, but maybe it won't take all week?

Santa popped by
Nicely enough, santa popped by and dropped a bit more to build for a well-behaved project mumbler. And that something was mindwarmingly something new again, like the halftrack I got the previous year. To be more exact, I got an Italeri M10 "Achilles".
There's not much I can say of Italeri's kits because I don't think I've built much. All I can remember is the awful-ish sWS mit Panzerwerfer 42. But I'll give this one the benefit of the doubt. For a change the kit is also non-german so I get to panic about the paint schemes even more. Of course I could've decided to make this a captured vehicle, but I don't think I'll do that in the end.

Oh, and no small dudes are included in the kit, even though one could expect some of them, because there are people in the pic. Doesn't matter :)

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