Advancing slowly

During the last days my project theme has (still) been this set of different wheels and finishing their painitng. Now they have cool steel surfaces, marks of wear and tear and all! At this point I won't touch them for a while, they'll just sit and wait for the hull's painting to be finished.

While I've been doing that I've also mutilated the skirt armor to fit in with the Combat Engineering Toolboxes. Before I get to apply the basecoat, I'll need to fill in the now useless holes (thanks to the CEToolboxes) and to clean up the rest of crap from the sides and top of the hull.

Then I get to paint the hull, turret and a couple of other pieces. Of course the basecoating needs a couple of iterations because the bottom and top parts are to be done in separate runs. Naturally. But that's fun and easy: just put the pieces in the painting box and let go.

The missing painting box
But I threw my old, slightly modified, large Dragon's Ju-88 A/4 painting box away when we moved! If my memory serves, I even thought that I won't need to haul it from one almost-city to another almost-city because I have three models with their boxes just waiting to be utilized. Fnarg.

Of course I haven't got to do that. I don't have a new painting box. So that's what I got to do before I can enjoy the purring of the compressor and the whizzing sound of the airbrush. Maybe tomorrow.

"Why do today anything that you can easily postpone until tomorrow?"

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