Bring in the tactical stuff!

To celebrate another Monday I was feeling efficient. Maybe that was to compensate a mentally very tiresome workday. Or maybe we should drop that "maybe" to make my statement a bit more accurate.

I was pondering to myself that "hey, this thing isn't missing much anymore, especially as I got the national insignia done!" Of course some tactical markings were needed, in this case that translates to the unit number. At this point in my imaginary timeline (1945+) the Finnish Army would've applied the German-style unit numbers in the armored units. The first number told which company the tank belonged to, the second one told the platoon's order number and the third one, obviously, told the vehicle's number in the platoon.
(Funnily enough, this numbering system is just about what I made up myself for my BT units!)

Some vain decorations
No matter what, I dug up the number from my magical hat: first company, second platoon and the second tank. Perhaps I painted the numbers with a big-ish font, but at least one can see them. While I was at it I decided to add a couple of kill rings to the base of the KwK's barrel. Again following the German logic, the bigger ("full") ring marks ten kills and the narrower marks one kill. I could maybe fit another thin line between them, but I'm not sure if I want to ruin the whole thing at this point anymore.

To make a bit more of a mess I applied some Vallejo's Carbon Black pigment to the ends of the exhaust pipes and the KwK's muzzle brake. Because that went so nicely I got excited and applied some Tamiya's Mud pigment all around the tank. My goal was to get some muddy marks into places where the tracks would've thrown it and where mud would've been brought on the deck by the crew. War machines aren't clean when they're being used. They're shitty and muddy, just like their users :P

Some fourth iteration photos
The left side, ver. 4

The Painbringer, ver. 4

Attacking, ver. 4

Posing, ver 4

And the better side, ver 4

The roof needs to be seen, too!

Technical bitching
Looks like blogger fucks up some of the photos right now, so I got them elsewhere. It's just very bothersome to notice later that a bunch of pics that looked fine in the composing phase have disappeared mysteriously.
Damnit >:|

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