Fooling around

We've already established the fact that I'm not an artist - or a skilled person. Despite that and these always a bit funny looking national insignia I keep trying. Here's a taste of what's coming:

This is the best-looking side
How can it be so damn difficult?
For some reason painting geometrical shapes with a consistent quality is apparently very difficult to me, freehanding or not. Despite my initial "this'll work nicely!"-feeling the swastikas ended up fat here, skinny there and otherwise odd somewhere else. I can't understand it anymore.
At least it's in the register
The kidneys are replaced with a swastika
Detailing pt. MCXI
I painted five of those damn things around the hull. One in the lower front of the hull, one in the left rear hull, one on each rear side of the turret plus the last one on topof the front of the turret. While I was at it I made up an imaginary Ps-register number (Ps. 280-5) to the left front, I may have to fix that text a bit later, though. As a supremely creative character I painted a name for the tank in the front of the turret, "Marja". At least that one I didn't fuck up, yay! :p
We're just missing a forest background

Next iterations
I'm still missing the tactical markings (!?) from the left side of the turret, meaning which company/platoon/whatever that beast belongs to. I was going to take the approach that my earlier Flames of War link referred to, that's just a number (1-5) inside a square/circle/triangle. I'm really not going to try to paint anything more difficult than that anymore!

Oh and those engine's intake vent covers I was happy about a couple of posts ago? That double sided tape looked foul and way too visible between the frame and the mesh. So I had to drop them away, which is a shame. But I wasn't going to purposefully ruin my tank, no sir.

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