A King Tiger in Karelia '45

Because I didn't come up with anything to fix, I added another "kill ring". Those two previous ones were a bit too far away from each other so it looks a bit more normal now. For a couple of days I let the tank just sit there, on the edge of my desk, just in case something popped in my mind.

Nothing came up.

A state of readiness
I declare that this model is now ready. What-iffing is always fun but the next couple of tanks will keep their feet on the ground. More realistic but still done however I please, because having one's knickers in a knot doesn't feel too nice :P

A change of scenery is always refreshing so I decided to post a slightly different kind of an image to celebrate the addition of the "completed" tag. I hunted for a Karelia themed picture (no clue of how that place looks like, so a photo of a generic field is plausible to me) and gimped the model into it. You with real image editing skills are allowed to point fingers and laugh harshly, if you want to, I didn't even think of going for something photorealistic ;)

Apparently several tactically unsound choices were made

Continuing the war
Unless I change my mind, the next project is traditionally a German one, as it should be. With this Porsche-turreted King Tiger I have finally finished one of each main type of the Tigers, so I'll change the kitty type.
Naturally my successor cat is a Panther and this time it happens to be a Jagdpanther. I've decided the paintjob ages ago so I'll spoil it to you if I haven't done that already: a normal three-tone camo with a hastily applied whitewash winter camo applied on top of it.

Any bets on how long it takes and what goes wrong? 8)

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