Calmly onwards

I'll be continuing in the mood of my previous post. In plain english that means: small knick-knack has been added on the sides. The left side was a bit lighter than the right one so not much needed to go there at this point, before the painting phase. In case you noticed the headlight on the left front fender, it's pretty neatly detailed: it even has the power cable modeled in! Awesome. Not that I mind fooling around with metal wire and other materials, I just enjoy the fact that the kit offers plenty (or all) of the important things of the actual vehicle out of the box. At least that makes it a bit more likely that nothing's forgotten by accident.

And the infamous kitchen's sink?

The roof of this kitty was full of stuff, doors and items. I haven't attach any the periscopes because it wouldn't make any sense to glue in some transparent pieces before painting everything, I'd just ruin the transparency. That binocular periscope wasn't built by the time I took the pic because I hadn't felt like it. It's an insane thing in the end, this roof.

Almost ridiculous details

The Nahverteidigungswaffe is nicely detailed, too, even though at first glance one might think that there's just a hole to the fighting compartment.Wrong. This optional piece had a nicely detailed close defense weapon on the inside of the fighting compartment but the outside has an open, projectileless barrel.
If you takea closer look at the photo above, that top-middle piece has an individual wingnut on each of those protrudings. Luckily only six of them were needed at this stage.

It's completely sick and insane, I say. Sick, but somehow awesome.

I mean, look at those bastards!

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