Pics: Model Expo 2012

Here they are again: a pile of photos taken at the IPMS Finland stand in Model Expo 2012. A couple of photos were so awful that tehy only  gave headaches to people so some models are missing. I'm sorry about that, it's not intentional. Somehow I had started in the middle of the airplane section so that's going to be the alpha and the omega of this photo set.

Let's see what blogger does to these 68 images this time... Maybe all of them work just nicely, maybe three quarters of them disappear when I press the "publish" button. We'll find out soon enough.


Image 1

Image 2: Never seen these in the Expo before

Image 3

Ground-based warmachines

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7: A captured Soviet  "Mail train" w/ contents

Image 8

Image 9: A Wehrmacht locomotive

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Image 13

Diorama-like things

Image 14: Through the walls!

Image 15: Heavy artillery ++

Image 16

Image 17: A FlaK post

Image 18: "A normal day in Tokyo"

Image 19: Last stand in Las Vegas


Image 20: A fraction of the figures

Navy stuff

Image 21

Image 22: Kursk


Image 23

Image 24

Image 25


Image 26

Image 27: A paper plane


Image 28

Image 29

At this point a few two-wheelers

Image 30

And more cars

Image 31

Image 32

Image 33

Image 34

Image 35

Image 36

Image 37

Image 38

Image 39

Image 40

Back to the skies

Image 41

Image 42

Image 43

Image 44: Another rare model

Image 45

Image 46

Image 47

Image 48

Image 49

Image 50

Image 51

Image 52

Image 53

Image 54

Image 55

Image 56

Image 57: Some Italian camouflage

Image 58

Image 59

Image 60

Image 61

Image 62

Image 63

Other known flying objects

Image 64

Image 65

Image 66

Image 67: This camo is somewhat disturbing

An additional bonus from the next stand

Image 68: Steve


  1. Cool pics. Some good stuff there, especially the B-4 howitzer. Love that thing.

  2. There were plenty of interesting models, a bunch of them had been there before in various stages of completion. The IPMSFiland tables were nicely fuller this year than the last one, maybe it's a growing trend now :) And some of those builders are just insane. In a good way, I might add.

    My favourite new things this year were the military locomotives. Cool things that you don't see often.