Mostly primed

I had thought that I'd start painting the interior of the tank yesterday evening, but I didn't get to. That's because the periscopes weren't attached (and therefore were unpainted) yet so I had to glue them in first. Not that the interior makes a horrible difference anyway, but It'd be nagging at me if I knew that the insides are untouched. Yeah, I'm the first one to admit that I'm lazy but I'm not that lazy.

Feature uncreep

After a bit of pondering I had decided that I wouldn't be scratchbuilding a firewall between the sections of the tank. Mostly because the hatches are shut so that no one sees inside and that I've never built them to any other tank, either. Maybe I'll do that for a bit more insane model. One of those with a full (ish) interior? If I recall correctly, Dragon had a boxed set, something like "Tiger with interior" or something. Interesting.

Why the slacking off?

In case someone was wondering why I'm doing so little and advancing so damn slowly, there are two main reasons. First: the pollen, it doesn't actually motivate me to put a mask on and fool around with the airbrush. And second: I just haven't had the time. That happens every now and then.


Splish, splash

I'm currently working on priming all the random pieces. It's not particularly exciting, so there's nothing more to report right now.

Oh well, I relearned that if I keep my 'puter & co on at the same time with the compressor, there's not enough juice for everything. My video card say bleh and goes offline. Somehow I didn't remember that from the previous round of airbrushing.

And no, I'm not going move my modeling area away from the computer. I do so little airbrushing compared to everything else that it's not worth moving everything.


The last steps before basecoating

Issues with painting

I built the last few missing pieces to more or less completed state. When the muzzle brake of the gun has been glued, I can start basecoating the random pieces I have prepared. The outsides of the hull are obviously included, the wheelset and the track links, the artillery and all the small tools are simple, but what about the insides? Of course the end part of the PaK is going to be mostly white but what about the engine area? And the suspension system? I don't think there was any sort of a firewall to separate the engine room from the fighting compartment. Do I have to start scratchbuilding that? Himmel.

I decided to use the aluminium barrel after all


Of course I had to try if the halves actually fit together, so I'd see what's coming. And if that the top- and bottom parts were compatible or not... it wouldn't have been the first time that at the critical moment I'd need to start fixing stuff.
Yep, they do fit


Pics: Model Expo 2012 II

Lian, take a good look at this...

Palikkatakomo's stand had other exciting things than just the Minecraft-Steve I mentioned in my previous post. These guys had built insane things, such as the largest modular city in the whole country (at least). Incredible, insane, but also cool. There was a lot more stuff being presented and going on than in the earlier years.

The first glimpse at the insane city

They had German tanks, too!

A camo built out of lego, never seen that before

Smaller modules

I managed to take these photos stupidly with the glare of the early morning sun, I apologize for my uselessness. And that that I didn't realize it while I was taking the pictures, when I could've taken new ones to compensate. Maybe one can imagine seeing something from these?

The Moducity itself

Servicing the crane

Some mad person is diving in the middle of the swimming pool

Even the Ghostbusters were around

I noticed the Bluesmobile only after a lenghty chat

Some thoughts

Their buildings were just insane. All kinds of tiny details and silly happenings were to be found all around and there was much, much more than meets the eye. Sometimes it took a few glances before a certain detail jumped out. At least I saw something even though I know that most of the fun stuff avoided my poor eyes.

As a practical example: I was looking at the bridge for a good while and thought it was pretty neat. Then I started chatting with the guys at the stand and kept looking around. At some point I suddendly realized that the car that's jumping over the bridge is the Bluesmobile!
Of course the earliness of the morning or the lack of caffeine in my system had nothing to do with my slowness ;)

The cities I built as a kid have absolutely nothing to do with these, but then again, this complex was built by quite a few people and you can tell. The complete set is hilarious and impressive altogether. Maybe the Palikkatakomo people come up with something even sicker next year?

Best of Show

While I was writing this I notice that the modular city had won the award for the Best of Show. Not without merit, if you ask me. Congrats! :)