A green basecoat

This is a yet another photo-deprived posting because I haven't remembered to take photos of my small steps lately. After I got done with the priming and painting the interior of the fighting compartment white (including the rear part of the gun), I sealed the hull and felt smug.


I wasn't smug for a long time, because the nose was grinning a bit. Of course I could've opted to have the chasm in the rear part of the tank but as that's a lot more difficult to fix and hide, I didn't go there. The hole got a good amount of putty on it and after a bit of smearing and leveling I left it to cure for a nice while.

This evening I took my files out and fixed what I could, then I wiped the surfaces clean. For some reason I didn't really want to have a layer of fine-ish dust under my paintcoat. Ultraexcitingly the next thing I did was to cover about 60% of the surfaces with Vallejo's German Tank Green. The rest I'll fix either tomorrow or whenever I actually have the time. That and the potential fixing that may need to be done if I find some annoyingly large bald spots on my tank when the paint has dried

And then?

When the green surface is set, I'll set up a random camo scheme with the brown and Dunkelgelb, maybe even with a set of selfmade national markings. Scratch that, I'm going to do that and we all know it already.

After that part is done I'll set up the wheels and the tracks and decide "that's almost finished now".

When I've declared that I've got the perfect opportunity to make more of a mess on my hunting kitty. In english it means I'll return after almost ten years to the world of water paints. Just in case I manage to make a better wintery whitewash this time, improving from my first attempt.
For a brief moment I pondered on preparing a base for this beast but maybe I'll take it easy right now. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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