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Years ago I spent a good while searching for a nice 1:35 scale model of a Nebelwerfer, finally I found one by accident while ordering something else (could have been a 1:35 Soviet D-30) from Combat Models. Obviously I couldn't turn that one down so I ordered that too. Sadly at that point in history I didn't take any work in progress photos, I only took "this is how it ended up" photos to bother people I know.

edit: I found a photo of the box, updated 23.9.2013


Weathering the barrels worked awesomely, I thought back then and I still like the effect. At least I was pretty proud of them, when I had the model finished. Somehow I got the idea of using some random thread to make the cable/wire for the launcher, I believe it worked pretty decently. Especially when you put the launcher in the hands of a 88FlaK36 gunner.

At that time (2001) I used enamel paints and just about nonexistent tools. I also didn't have many completed models under my belt, either. This Nebelwerfer was something like the third, fourth model in the 1:35 scale, as I had started with Revell's 1:72 tanks.

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