My coding project, part V

Tiny changes

My advancements in this project over the last few weeks have been few, thanks to my almost three-week long vacation and all the other bothersome things. I tried to tinker with the collisions so that if a bigger thing is hit, the bigger one is affected a lot less than the small one. This way the gigantic rock doesn't shoot out after being hit a tiny but fast 'roid. Yeah, a tiny change but it feels better this way. Oh, and if you're lucky, the ultrarock cracks into two large pieces.

Just for the fun of it I checked how this all looks if there's a light blue grid on the background, as if everything was just scribbled on a piece of paper. Maybe it doesn't work as nicely as I thought. Let's give it a try anyway.

Looking for a scribbly effect

It's raining rocks!

While I was fooling around I wrote a tiny Planet class. On the screen all you get is a screen and on the background it has crap like a name, mass, population and some other unimportant things. When the rocks start hitting the ground the population plummets until no one's left. It was surprisingly fun to test it :p

Candyland II

Any things that go boom and death rays are still in the "ideas" state. I did start checking on how to check if two lines cross (and where) but didn't get far with that. Yet.

Other projects

Maybe I'll get to work on the tank model too, when we get to next week, but that depends on everything else. Days have been pretty busy lately. In any case, it interests me quite a lot after all these weeks.

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