The second round of greenification


As I threatened, I applied a second coat of green on the tank to cover up some splotchy areas. There are some tiny patches that require manual touching up because they were in a shade, but that's not a noticeable problem. In general nothing spectacular or mentionable happened. I painted a bit and that's all.

More crap to join the chaos

The machine gun that was just hanging around the last time is now properly attached and it points a bit off, so that all the pieces wouldn't be facing at multipliers of 90º all the time. After that was done I decided that the lower hull is in good enough condition to get the road wheels (and those weird cradles they're connected in) installed. Finally.

At this point I started wondering what should I do next.  Maybe the tools could be painted and attached to the rear hull and I guess there are some tiny things to fiddle around with. Though at some point I also have to add the rusty, dirty coating on the tracks. To accomplish that I'll be using mr L's proven method.

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