Something quick and simple

Returning from a vacation is always a heavy project. While working on all the mundane things I haven't had the time or interest in sitting down for a good while to mix up a good rusty slush or to ponder on the essence of the tank's tools. So today I quickly built the lego set I bought earlier today

The box

Apparently we're already on the third run of these Lego Star Wars miniplanet kits. There were a bunch of them, many totally uninteresting like the rebel scum's vehicles (though I was definitely interested in the Tantive IV (or I misinterpreted the picture) for a moment), but TIE Bomber is something I couldn't walk past. After a short argument with myself I said that "I think I need this one" and just got it.


This photo is horrible, I admit it. There's the ball depicting an asteroid field, the leaflet and two bagfuls of pieces. I guess you can't expect huge amounts of parts from a miniscale set. There were more than I had excpected, to be honest.


Everyone and their grandmother knows the T/B  so I shall not waste time in explaining it to you. The two-tube hull is nicely recognizeable and the neat TIE series window is also a clear identificator. I do approve of this.

At this point it was already done, just the wings were missing. While taking these pics I hadn't realized that the targeting sensor pod was on the wrong side in the instructions (below the cockpit unit) and I didn't think and flip it on the proper side. What kind of unexpert clowns do they hire to design these things... Details are important!

Because of the scale the wings ended up being completely black, as if there were no frames around the solar collector panels. Anyway, I think it's a really neat model for its size.


That's it, the pilot with his/her ship. All in all this was a fun and short tinkering project to improve an afternoon. This doesn't mean that I inteded to keep working on these things more than this. Not at least unless I encounter something interesting enough...

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